Unite With Ukraine is holding an auction to mark Ukraine’s Independence Day. Join in!

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August 23,2023 463
Unite With Ukraine is holding an auction to mark Ukraine’s Independence Day. Join in!

On the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the restoration of Ukraine’s independence, the Ukrainian World Congress’s initiative #UniteWithUkraine and the Ukrainian Canadian company Saint Javelin have organized an auction featuring a unique decorative piece made from a Javelin pipe. 

“The realization of genuine independence comes at a terrible human cost and requires immense sacrifice. Sadly, Ukraine’s best and most valiant citizens are paying that price on the battlefield today. As individuals of Ukrainian heritage, members of the diaspora, and merely fellow human beings, we must support Ukraine’s defenders to the fullest extent of our capabilities,” said Andrew Potichnyj, director of the #UniteWithUkraine initiative, in his speech. 

The auction participants are invited to bid and win a coffee table made of Javelin pipe. This way, everyone can contribute to the Independence Lifeline, which purchases high-quality tactical equipment for defenders and paramedics.

According to Ukrainian paramedics, independence and tactical medicine are intimately connected. After all, the more defenders survive this war, the more people will defend Ukraine’s independence in the future.

“As we reflect on the 32nd anniversary of Ukraine’s independence and Ukrainians continue to fight for it, we must remember that the war for freedom is far from over. Contribute today – because each of us should,” appealed Potichnyi to prospective participants. 

The auction will run until August 26 and end at 12:00 Eastern Time, 17:00 London Time, 19:00 Kyiv Time.

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