UWC Call to Action – #StandwithUkraine!

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February 9,2022 308
UWC Call to Action – #StandwithUkraine!

February 10, 2022 – The Ukrainian World Congress and 20-million strong Ukrainian global communities stand united in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.  

As the Russian Federation threatens a further invasion of sovereign Ukrainian territory and attempts to undermine the entire Euro-Atlantic security architecture, we call upon the international community and all peace-loving nations to respond with unity and resolve. Specifically, we urge the international community to:    

  • Strengthen Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity by supporting its geopolitical trajectory towards the EU and NATO. 
  • Provide Ukrainians with the necessary military and economic support, including NATO Membership Action Plan and EU membership. 
  • Increase sanctions on Russia to deter further aggression against Ukraine, including stopping Nord Stream 2. 

“Failure to support Ukraine now or force it to submit Moscow’s demands will have dire ramifications for all of Central and Eastern Europe. It will embolden authoritarian regimes to redraw borders or impose spheres of influence over sovereign countries through force,” stated Paul Grod, UWC President. “The threat of further Russian aggression goes beyond Ukraine. It is a threat to democracy and rules-based international order. Ukraine has chosen its Euro-Atlantic democratic future. We must not allow the Kremlin to take it away or force Ukraine to capitulate to its oppressive demands.”  

UWC calls on global Ukrainian communities, partners, and friends of Ukraine to stand united at this critical time and consolidate international coalition of support for Ukraine by 

  • advocating with governments, elected officials, and civil society partners for support to Ukraine 
  • hosting ongoing, rolling public rallies and virtual events to raise awareness of Russian aggression 
  • engaging with the media to share truthful information and counter Russian disinformation. 

The time to act is now! 

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