UWC International Election Observation Mission releases Preliminary Observations confirming that the 2019 Presidential Election in Ukraine has met the standards for the conduct of democratic elections

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April 1,2019 92

On 1 April 2019, the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) International Election Observation Mission released its Preliminary Observations during a press conference held at the Ukraine Crisis Media Center in Kyiv, Ukraine, confirming that the Presidential Election in Ukraine held on 31 March 2019 met international standards for the conduct of democratic elections.

Although observers noted isolated irregularities, the shortcomings did not impact the election results. The Central Election Commission of Ukraine has confirmed a voter turnout surpassing 60%.

The UWC Mission, which numbered 219 observers from 16 countries, will publish a comprehensive final report, offering recommendations for potential improvements after completion of the electoral process.

“The governing authorities of Ukraine made considerable efforts to ensure that the election would be transparent and conducted on the highest level without the misuse of administrative resources for the support of any one candidate. We are satisfied that voters were able to express their will on election day,” – stated Head of the UWC Mission Eugene Czolij. 

The presentation of the Preliminary Observations of the UWC Mission can be viewed HERE.

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