UWC President: Conveying correct messages at February 24 rallies is crucial

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February 22,2024 897
UWC President: Conveying correct messages at February 24 rallies is crucial

The primary objective of the extensive rallies scheduled for February 24, as a component of the Ukrainian World Congress (UWC)’s StandWithUkraine global advocacy campaign, is to communicate accurate information to people in different nations worldwide effectively, stated the UWC President Paul Grod during a broadcast on the national 24/7 news.

Grod highlighted the importance of tailoring the rally’s messages to suit the specific context of the country where it is being held.

“For example, governments in the Middle East actively contribute to the release of prisoners and children, and these are key messages for these countries. Here, we will not call for providing weapons to Ukraine, but we will urge them to help release our political prisoners and our children. In Washington, we will call for arming Ukraine, providing a package of assistance. In Europe, we will emphasize strengthening the Alliance and supporting Ukraine, in Poland – stopping the border blockade, as it is also a significant threat to Ukraine,” explained the UWC President.

To assist communities, the UWC has prepared key talking points that can be used for rallies and events, noted Paul Grod. The UWC President also reminded that over 400 cities worldwide in almost 60 countries will participate in the global advocacy campaign. You can check your country and city on the interactive world map created by the UWC in collaboration with Ukrainska Pravda.

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