UWC President delivers keynote address during commemoration of 70th anniversary of Ukrainian Youth Assocation in the diaspora

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March 1,2016 105

On 27 February 2016 Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Eugene Czolij delivered the keynote address during a commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the Ukrainian Youth Association (UYA) in the diaspora held in Montreal, Canada, in conjunction with the XXXI National Congress of the Ukrainian Youth Association in Canada.

The UWC President recognized the long-term dedicated educational work of UYA, which has united members in Ukraine and nine countries of the diaspora – Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain and U.S.A. Eugene Czolij also drew particular attention to Russia’s current hybrid war in Ukraine and called on UYA members to stand firmly in defence of the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“To effectively support Ukraine, I call upon all UYA members to share the truth about events in Ukraine via social media, send the UWC the links to instances of Russian disinformation to be further shared with the East Stratcom team of the European Union, and to volunteer with the UWC to assist with the translation of information on Ukraine into the English language,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij. “I also call upon UYA members in the diaspora to help Ukrainian children learn the English language during summer language camps in this Year of the English Language in Ukraine.” 

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