UWC President participates in General Meeting of Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Germany

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November 26,2014 133

On 21-23 November 2014 Ukrainian World Congress (UWC) President Eugene Czolij travelled to Munich, Germany, to participate in the General Meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Germany (AUOG).

Participants of the General Meeting, held on 22 November 2014 in the Protection of the Blessed Virgin Maryand St. Apostle Andrey Pervozvannyi Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church hall, included delegates of 14 AUOG member organizations from various regions of Germany and over 20 guests from Germany and Ukraine, including Princess Maria of Sachsen-Altenburg. The UWC President was elected chair of the general meeting.

The delegates approved the work of the AUOG for the reporting period, discussed the focus of future activities and elected an executive consisting of: Lesya Shramko (President), Bohdan Komarynskyj (First Vice President), Roman Rokytskyy (Second Vice President), Nadia Halaburda (Secretary) and Jurij Ciurak (Treasurer).

During the annual meeting of the AUOG held on 21 November 2014 the UWC President delivered an address during which he highlighted the first anniversary of EuroMaidan and emphasized that the national priority for the global Ukrainian community is the defence of the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Eugene Czolij also delivered the keynote address during a commemoration honoring the victims of the Holodomor on the 81st anniversary of this genocide, the Nebesna Sotnia and the fallen in the ATO zone in Ukraine.

On 23 November 2014 the UWC President met with Ukrainian community activists in Germany and the local Ukrainian community, informing them about the current activities of the UWC and calling upon them for their continued support.

While in Munich the UWC President also met with the President of the Paneuropean Union in Germany, Bernd Posselt, the President of the Paneuropean Union in Munich, Horst Heitz, the Head of Division for Eastern Europe in the Bavarian State Chancellery and advisor to the Minister for European Union and Regional Affairs in the Ministerialrat of the Bavarian State Chancellery, Bertold Flierl, and the General Consul of Ukraine in Munich, Vadym Kostiuk. During these meetings the UWC President highlighted the key role of Germany in assisting Ukraine defend its independence and territorial integrity and secure peace and stability in the world. Joining the UWC President  in these meetings were Lesya Shramko, Roman Rokytskyy and Andrij Nesmasznyj.

“The General Meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Germany was very successful and I believe that this UWC Ukrainian national central representation will continue to properly represent the interests of Ukrainians in Germany,” stated UWC President Eugene Czolij.

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In the photo: E. Czolij with the participants of the General Meeting of the Association of Ukrainian Organizations in Germany

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