UWC President’s dynamic Spain visit: Rallying support, strategic insights, and unleashing community potential

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March 20,2024 786
UWC President’s dynamic Spain visit: Rallying support, strategic insights, and unleashing community potential

While on his official visit to Madrid, Spain, Paul Grod, the President of the Ukrainian World Congress, engaged in discussions with diplomats and members of the Ukrainian community, including youth groups, and also took part in a rally in support of Ukraine.

UWC President Paul Grod, on his visit to Spain, met with Spain’s General Director of Defence Policy, Lieutenant General Fernando López del Pozo, at the Spanish Ministry of Defense.

Grod thanked Spain for its military support and solidarity with Ukraine, highlighting the ongoing need for military aid to achieve a fair peace and secure Ukraine’s victory, and the support of Ukraine’s accession to NATO at the Washington Summit.

A productive and meaningful discussion took place between UWC President Paul Grod and Madrid city authorities. During his visit to the Spanish capital, Paul Grod discussed ways to support Ukrainian war refugees. Following these talks, the Mayor’s Office of Madrid has shown a willingness to assist in securing locations for Ukrainian organizations and possibly establish a cultural center in the city.

Grod’s meeting with Serhii Pohoreltsev, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Spain, focused on developing political strategies and methods to involve Spanish politicians in supporting Ukraine.

“Stay strong and do not lose hope, just like our brave defenders fighting for Ukraine daily. We need to be out on the streets every Saturday and Sunday, showing our support until victory is ours,” said UWC President Paul Grod at a rally in support of Ukraine in Madrid.

Addressing the crowd in central Madrid, Grod expressed his gratitude to the attendees, urging them to stay united and to foster a strong Ukrainian community. Highlighting the significance of maintaining Ukrainian identity and culture, Paul Grod stated, “We have to fight for independence for years. For this, we need the next generations of conscious Ukrainians. To do this, we must build the Ukrainian world from the cradle to the grave and conscious communities for many generations.” 

During the meeting with the Ukrainian community, Paul Grod thanked community representatives for their active support of Ukraine, particularly highlighting the role of the Union of Ukrainian Associations in Spain ‘KRAI’ and the Federation of Ukrainian Communities of Spain.

The President of the UWC expressed optimism about the effective progression of Ukrainian identity in Spain, anticipating substantial future political prospects for Ukrainians in the country.

“It’s gratifying to see that in Spain, there is an active youth movement led by the Ukrainian Youth Association and Plast,” added Paul Grod.

The UWC President also supported Ukrainian activists in the center of Madrid, who rally every evening after work and during weekends to share the truth about Russia’s war against Ukraine and to collect funds for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Paul Grod is currently on an official visit to countries in Southern Europe.

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