UWC thanks Premier Kenney for donation $5 million to #UniteWithUkraine

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March 5,2022 238
UWC thanks Premier Kenney for donation $5 million to #UniteWithUkraine

On March 4, 2022, Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, pledged over $10 million to humanitarian aid in Ukraine – $5 million going to the Ukrainian World Congress’ Unite with Ukraine initiative. 

 #UniteWithUkraine is a UWC global fundraising initiative focuses on providing protective and medical equipment for Ukraine’s defenders. 

“We are grateful to Premier Jason Kenney for the generous donation from the Province of Alberta to help Ukraine. The $5 million to UWC will help provide the defenders of Ukraine with the supplies they so urgently need like bullet-proof vests, helmets, and first aid kits.  The brave Ukrainians are fighting against Russian terrorism and the massacre of Ukrainian civilians. This donation will help them defend against tyranny.” – Paul Grod, President of Ukrainian World Congress 

“Ultimately, these are relatively modest measures but demonstrate the solidarity of the people of Alberta with Ukraine,” Kenney said at news conference on March,4. 

 We invite everyone to join UWC’s #UniteWithUkraine campaign. 

 We need money to help protect farmers who drag Russian tanks back across the border, mothers moving land mines found in the streets – with their bare hands, civilians using their bodies to block Russian forces from entering cities with zero protective gear. Help us help the brave people fighting for democracy over tyranny. 

 Unite with us in this moment. 

Unite with us in this fight. 

Unite with Ukraine 



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