Vyshyvanka Day 2024: Stefan Romaniw calls for joining UWC’s virtual wave

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May 13,2024 267
Vyshyvanka Day 2024: Stefan Romaniw calls for joining UWC’s virtual wave

Stefan Romaniw, UWC First Vice President and Co-Chair of the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations (AFUO), called for joining the virtual wave for Vyshyvanka Day 2024.

During an interview with Suspilne, Romaniw also discussed where Ukrainians abroad buy vyshyvankas. “Historically in the diaspora there are many who then and now do the embroidery-have passed it on from generation to generation. There are courses. For example, not only women but men do embroidery. The diaspora has successfully maintained this part of our culture,” said Romaniw.

The Ukrainian World Congress will host the Vyshyvanka Day 2024 virtual celebration on May 16-17, across social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and the UWC website. This initiative aims to foster interest in Ukraine by promoting unity through wearing vyshyvankas. Participants are encouraged to take a photo in a vyshyvanka and share it using the hashtags #vyshyvanka2024 and #VyshyvankaDay, and to tag @UWCongress and @UkrainianWorldCongress. The event will also highlight the impact of Russia’s war on Ukraine’s cultural heritage, featuring stories and images of vyshyvankas from territories occupied by Russia that have been damaged.

The UWC urges Ukrainian communities globally to participate and help refocus international attention on Ukraine’s struggle against a harsh aggressor.

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