Weapons and humanitarian aid: countries supporting Ukraine in its darkest 2022 hours

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December 29,2022 1393
Weapons and humanitarian aid: countries supporting Ukraine in its darkest 2022 hours

In 2022, Ukraine faced a challenge unprecedented in the modern world – full-scale armed aggression of the neighboring terrorist state, the Russian Federation.

Terrible occupation army’s atrocities accompanied Russia’s war of aggression. The occupier instituted systematic terror against the civilian Ukrainian population, which some countries have already recognized as the latest genocide of the Ukrainian people.

Russians declared that they would take the capital Kyiv in 3 days and would need a week to occupy all of Ukraine. However, the Armed Forces’ courage and the Ukrainian people’s unity in resisting the invaders completely broke the enemy’s plan. Ukrainians’ bravery, loyalty to their country, and strength have forever destroyed the myth of the “greatness and invincibility” of the Russian military.

However, the Ukrainians would never have survived this far in the war without the allies’ consolidated solid support and solidarity. The UWC, our constituent organizations, and worldwide Ukrainians have worked tirelessly, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, side by side with the Ukrainian Government to ensure broad international support for our Motherland since the beginning of the full-scale armed aggression. 

We are glad that many countries and people heard our call and extended a helping hand to Ukrainians in these extraordinary conditions. Today, summing up this challenging year for the entire peace-loving world, we sincerely thank every country in the world, every nation that provided military or humanitarian aid to Ukrainians!

Regardless of the size and status of the aid package, each of these states and societies contributed to ensuring the stability of the Ukrainian people, and, therefore – to the future victory of Ukrainians over the Russian aggressor, which we will achieve in 2023!

Once again, we thank everyone who supported Ukraine in its darkest hour. We will never forget this unprecedented, loyal, kind, and extremely critical support! Together – to victory!