Western weapons already hammering enemy’s rear

Western weapons already hammering enemy’s rear

American and Western weapons and military aid are already affecting the course of hostilities, according to former US Special Representative in Ukraine Kurt Walker during the UA Razom news telethon. “The successful attacks on munitions tracks that we’ve seen in recent days will continue and that puts the Russians in a more vulnerable position,” Mr Volker said.

On the night of July 5, Ukrainian defenders destroyed an enemy ammunition depot in Kadiivka, Luhansk Oblast, according to intelligence sources, reported Channel 24. The ammunition detonated for about two hours as photos and videos of fire and explosions were posted online in real time.

It is thought that this warehouse cache was one of the main ones supplying shells in the direction of Popasna – Severodonetsk – Lysychansk – Bakhmut.  Earlier, in the Izyum direction, the Ukrainian military blew up Russian artillery warehouses, while the Southern Command destroyed three ammunition warehouses and a lot of enemy equipment.