Worldwide Ukrainians stand with the people of Turkey

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February 7,2023 558
Worldwide Ukrainians stand with the people of Turkey

The Ukrainian World Congress and worldwide Ukrainians express their deep and sincere condolences to the Turkish state and its people, Turkish communities worldwide, and the Ukrainian community in Turkey in the terrible February 6, 2023, tragedy that took thousands of lives.

As a result of the earthquake in southeastern Turkey, at least 20,000 people were injured, and 3,000 died; damages are still being assessed.

As Russian terror and aggression take Ukrainian lives daily, Ukrainians feel the immense acute pain from losses and destruction that the Turkish people suffer. We sympathize with every family who lost their loved ones in this harrowing tragedy.

Today, this pain unites our nations. We are grateful for the strong support that Turkey provides to Ukraine in its struggle for its freedom against the enemy, which kills Ukrainians every day and destroys our cities and villages. Unfortunately, Ukraine cannot provide substantial assistance to the friendly Turkish people due to the war ravaging our country. Still, our communities worldwide will use diplomacy to call on their countries’ governments to help.

We pray for you. We pray for all the victims and their friends and families.

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