Another US state recognizes Holodomor as genocide

November 13,2023 1011
Another US state recognizes Holodomor as genocide

The American state of Wyoming recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a genocide of the Ukrainian people, Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova said.

“The state of Wyoming became the 32nd state that recognized the Holodomor of 1932-33 as a genocide of the Ukrainian people and declared November the month of remembrance of the Ukrainian Holodomor genocide. Thanks to Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon for his solidarity with Ukraine,” Markarova wrote. 

The Ambassador also thanked the Ukrainian community for an active campaign to honor the memory of the Holodomor victims by organizing educational events “about this terrible crime of the Soviet regime against Ukrainians, committed 90 years ago.”

Markarova reminded us that traditionally, on the last Saturday of November, Ukrainians all over the world light candles remembering those who died from the Holodomor.

“This year, it is November 25. On this day, I invite everyone to join the ceremony honoring the memory of the victims of the Holodomor, which will be held in Washington on November 25 at 16:30 at the Memorial to the victims of the Holodomor at 1 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001,” Markarova wrote.

You can find out about other commemorative events for the anniversary of the Holodomor genocide at the link. The Ukrainian World Congress also calls to join the Holodomor-90 educational campaign. Materials, sample letters, theses, videos, and banners can be downloaded here.

Earlier, on November 1, the Holodomor was recognized as genocide by three more US states Washington, Maryland, and Arizona. In general, the Holodomor of 1932-1933 of the Ukrainian people was recognized as genocide by about thirty countries of the world, as well as the European Parliament and PACE. The memory of the Holodomor victims will be commemorated in Ukraine and the world on the fourth Saturday of November, this year on November 25.

Previously, on November 9, Paul Grod, the President of the Ukrainian World Congress, held a fruitful meeting with Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the United States, in Washington, D.C. The parties discussed efforts to support the interests of Ukraine in the international arena, advocacy activities of the Ukrainian community, as well as preparations for commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932-1933.

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