Russia intends to destabilize Moldova, says intelligence chief

March 6,2024 355
Russia intends to destabilize Moldova, says intelligence chief

Russia has prepared a plan to destabilize the situation in Moldova, stated Alexandru Musteata, head of the Information and Security Service, according to Reuters. The Kremlin aims to interfere in the country’s internal affairs, provoke protests, influence future presidential elections, and disrupt Moldova’s plans to join the European Union.

In 2023, Moldovan intelligence observed a record level of activity from Russian security services and is anticipating an increase in Russia’s destabilization operations in 2024 and 2025.

Russian intelligence services intend to interfere in the election processes this year as well. We have information that attempts are being made to compromise a referendum on the European integration, interfere in the presidential elections, as well as discredit government institutions and politicians who support Moldova’s accession to the European Union,” Musteata said.

Relations between Moldova and Russia have deteriorated as Chișinău has endorsed a pro-European course and accused Moscow of attempting to destabilize the situation, according to Reuters. “The ex-Soviet state’s pro-Western president Maia Sandu has denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as she leads Moldova on a path to join the EU and defence alliance NATO,” the text reads.

Russia has repeatedly threatened Moldova over its assistance to Ukraine. Previously, Maia Sandu stated that if Russia were to capture Kyiv ‘in three days,’ Moldova would be next. At the same time, Ukraine’s victory in the war with Russia would allow Moldova to resolve the conflict in unrecognized Transnistria.

Cover: Reuters/Gleb Garanich

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