“Human buffer”: Russians in occupied territories use children as shields

July 31,2023 1065
“Human buffer”: Russians in occupied territories use children as shields

Russian forces in the occupied territories use children as “human shields.” The invaders are stationing personnel in buildings where minors live, the National Resistance Center reported.

“In the temporarily occupied territories, Russian occupiers use civilian buildings to house their troops. In particular, civilian families with children are accommodated on the upper floors of the buildings in the hotels on the temporarily occupied territories in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. At the same time, servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces are housed on the lower floors,” the NRC writes. 

Taking cover of civilians is a common practice for the Russian military. The occupiers systematically place military equipment and personnel in sleeping areas and next to private homes of the civilian population.

“Civilians are not allowed to leave from the places where Russians deploy [their equipment and personnel],” the National Resistance Center added.

Also, the Russian military detains Ukrainian children en masse in the temporarily occupied territories. The invaders are enslaving minors who hold pro-Ukrainian views.

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