Unite with Ukraine: Join global actions every Sunday

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April 2,2022 308
Unite with Ukraine: Join global actions every Sunday

Dear Friends! The brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been raging for over one month. To further unite our efforts in the fight for Ukraine’s future we call upon the entire UWC network to participate in global actions every Sunday as you did already on March 27 during the international telemarathon. Join demonstrations every Sunday at 14:00 and engage the opinion leaders of your countries, friends and acquaintances, so that the number of these demonstrations continues to grow.

Today one of our most important obligations is to help the Ukrainian army which is defending Ukraine from the Russian occupier. Financially support the global UWC campaign Unite With Ukraine and you will help bring our joint victory that much closer and you will save the lives of brave defenders who desperately need bulletproof vests, helmets, night-vision goggles, communication and medical equipment.

We’re pleased to share with you a thank you delivered to UWC from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine. In the letter, Head of the Service Serhii Kruk expressed gratitude for the assistance and stressed the role of emergency aid, individual and collective defense, and medical aid in the fight against the enemy, and also noted that in times such as these true friends are revealed.


On March 27 the global Ukrainian community actively joined the concert-telemarathon Save Ukraine – #StopWar, which united the international community against Russian aggression and in the collection of funds for Ukraine. On this day Ukrainian communities around the world gathered in large numbers on their country’s squares and streets to show solidarity and support for Ukraine.


The international charity concert-telemarathon broadcast by the Polish public broadcaster TVP was initiated in Warsaw. On this day the Ukrainian community led by the Association of Ukrainians in Poland, refugees from Putin’s war in Ukraine, most of whom were women and children, as well as many local residents gathered in the Polish capital and chanted slogans in support of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This neighbouring country with Ukraine has accepted with open arms an unprecedented number of Ukrainian refugees and continues to provide Ukraine with significant aid.

Czech Republic

On March 27, to join the global charity concert-marathon, the Ukrainian community gathered in Prague’s main square along with Czech politicians and local residents, and friends and supporters of Ukraine. The event began with addresses from Czech leaders who called upon the international community to strengthen sanctions against Russia and to support no-fly humanitarian corridors that will help to save the peaceful residents from air strikes.

World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations (SKUMO)

On this day the World Congress of Ukrainian Youth Organizations and the local Ukrainian youth organization organized a mass action in Romania in support of Ukraine on the central square of Cluj-Napoca, To join the international marathon close to one thousand people gathered in Piața Unirii square. The event was very emotional since there were many refugees among the participants including children who coloured Ukrainian flags with chalk on the square, created Ukrainian symbols with candles and also received toys. The city’s mayor and former Prime Minister Emil Boc addressed the crowd. This event was widely broadcast by local television and other media platforms.

Great Britain

To denounce the brutal war and support Ukraine thousands of Ukrainians and friends of Ukraine gathered on the streets of London on the day of the international concert-telemarathon. They were joined by politicians, diplomats and refugees from Ukraine. Songs and speeches resonated on this day, and the centre of the British capital was covered in blue and yellow flags, becoming the place of unity and support for Ukraine.


In the framework of the international marathon the Ukrainian community in Australia demonstrated its support for Ukraine with a fundraiser. On March 27 a charity fundraiser was held in the Ukrainian Orthodox Centre in Canberra during which the community collected over $10,000. The fundraiser included the sale of food and Ukrainian themed items.


The Ukrainian community in Lebanon actively participated in the charity concert-telemarathon. Lebanon was one of the first Arab countries to denounce the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Participants organized an auto marathon in support of Ukraine, decorating their cars with Ukrainian national symbolism and anti-war slogans, and carried a huge Ukrainian flag through the streets of Beirut. Then many supporters of Ukraine, particularly representatives of the Ukrainian community and the Ukrainian diplomatic corps, gathered in the centre of Beirut to demonstrate their solidarity with Ukraine.


During the international marathon in support of Ukraine, the Ukrainian community of Hungary focused attention on the deliberate elimination by Russia of at least 300 women, children and elderly who were hiding from air strikes in the theatre in Mariupol. This action took place near the memorial “Shoes on the banks of the Dunai” in honour of Hungarian Jews who had been mercilessly killed by the Nazis. Before being killed they were forced to remove their shoes. On March 27, 300 pairs of worn shoes were placed at the bronze sculpture. The Ukrainian community together with the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland makes repeated calls for the authorities to impose stronger sanctions and to provide Ukraine with the needed weapons to stop the genocide of the Ukrainian people.


The Ukrainian community in Curitiba gathered in the Poltava Club on March 27 to join the international telemarathon Save Ukraine – #StopWar. This city is home to the greatest number of ethnic Ukrainians united around the Ukrainian-Brazilian Central Representation which celebrated its 37th anniversary. Participants had the opportunity to watch performances by familiar artists, hear community and political leaders from around the world, and to demonstrate their solidarity with the people of Ukraine. This was a joint action organized in cooperation with the Representation, its branch in Sudbra, the Poltava Club, the Greek Catholic and Orthodox Church communities, and the Embassy of Ukraine in Brazil.

Since the start of the Russian war in Ukraine the Ukrainian Brazilian Central Representation has been more actively promoting support for Ukraine among governing authorities. Recently Representation President Vittorio Sorotiuk, accompanied by several senators, met with the Head of the Senate Rodrigo Pacheco and called to enable the President of Ukraine to address Brazil’s parliament. As in all parts of the world, actions in support of Ukraine are held throughout Brazil. The Ukrainian community actively collects and sends to Ukraine humanitarian aid which is being coordinated by a specific committee of the Representation.


One of the main tasks of the Association of Ukrainians in Romania (AUR) is to support Ukraine in its fight against the Russian aggressor and to help Ukrainian refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. The community works independently but also in cooperation with Romanian governing authorities. On March 23 AUR President and Romanian parliamentarian Miroslav Petrecki met with State Secretary of the Ministry of National Education of Romania Kallos Zoltan responsible for national minority language education. During the meeting the parties discussed issues affecting the AUR and those affecting students-refugees from Ukraine. Miroslav Petrecki shared suggestions for helping children to continue their education under the optimal circumstances, and he expressed the readiness to provide the Ministry of National Education with the resources available to the AUR and currently being used by Ukrainian children being housed in AUR premises. In addition, the AUR President described the steps taken by the AUR in support of the students-refugees from Ukraine, raised the issue of organizing Olympiads and competitions for students studying in the Ukrainian language, and some of the efforts to improve communication with the state agencies responsible for education policies.


With the increasing numbers of refugees comes an increasing number of children in Ukrainian Saturday schools. During the last month the Ukrainian school at St. Volodymyr Cathedral in Paris has enrolled over 70 new students. And the school now has 15 classes. The school’s director and President of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of France Nadia Myhal reports that the teachers and the Ukrainian community inform and invite new immigrant children to attend the school and support Ukrainian families. A Ukrainian school also operates in Nice helping children transition to French style learning through theatre and visual arts. While in Versailles where there is no Ukrainian school, the need for one has become more acute. In addition, together with local authorities, the Ukrainian community organizes French language courses to help children from Ukraine quickly integrate into the French school system. In Versailles the mayor provided a facility for such courses. In supporting the refugees the Ukrainian community is assisted by local residents who provide accommodation in their homes, collect humanitarian aid, including clothing, shoes, school supplies, all of which can be obtained every evening at St. Simon church in Paris. Youth from the Plast Youth Association in Paris collected a significant amount of humanitarian aid.

Hong Kong

On March 30, 2022, the Ukrainian Society of Hong Kong took part in a webinar with various Consul Generals in Hong Kong. During this event Society representatives informed about the current situation in Ukraine, shared information about several humanitarian initiatives which they have been coordinating, and presented the most effective means to support Ukraine from Hong Kong. The local community is grateful for the support extended by the diplomatic community and particularly the Ukrainian consulate in Hong Kong. In the words of Society spokesperson Ivanna Vivcharuk, today’s Russian war in Ukraine has united the small Ukrainian community like never before in their critical mission – to support Ukraine, oppose Moscow’s war, debunk Russian disinformation, and collect aid for the volunteers on the front line.


From the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine the Ukrainian community in Mongolia, rooted in the community organization Ukrainians in Mongolia, has been supporting Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression. With this goal, from the start of the war, Ukrainians and Mongolian friends of Ukraine in the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar organized three actions in support of Ukraine. The organization consistently tries to find opportunities to inform the native population about the Russian war, the deliberate liquidation with military technology of children and the civilian population, the situation with the refugees and prisoners of this war. Representatives have given a series of interviews to local mass media, emphasizing that it was the Kremlin that started this war and continues it mercilessly before the eyes of the world. The organization works with friends and supporters of Ukraine. The Honorary Consul of

Ukraine in Mongolia Munkhbat Tumur-Ochyr works actively with the Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its diplomatic corps in Ulaanbaatar, disseminating in Mongolian society and among foreign diplomats factual information about the heroism of defenders of Ukraine in the fight against Russian occupiers. Solidarity with Ukraine has been expressed by the ambassadors of Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, EU, Germany, France and Hungary.


The need to unite around national interests is one of the reasons for creating Ukrainian community organizations in the diaspora. Today, when Ukraine is in great danger, Ukrainians in the town of Jülich united in support of their homeland. And although the organization in Jülich is not yet registered, from the beginning of the war Ukrainians there united to collect funds and goods for humanitarian assistance, and deliver them to Ukraine, to support refugees who arrived in Jülich, and to organize actions in support of Ukraine. One of the initiators of these activities is academic Lubov Poshyvaylo who last year was one of the winners of the UWC initiative “30 for 30.” Ukrainians in Jülich share information about their activities on the new website .

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