Unprecedented in military history: Ukraine unveils new branch of forces

June 12,2024 434
Unprecedented in military history: Ukraine unveils new branch of forces

Ukraine has established a new branch of its Armed Forces, the Unmanned Systems Forces, becoming the first country in the world to do so, according to the Defense Ministry. The public presentation of this new military branch took place on June 11 in Kyiv.

Ukraine’s First Deputy Minister of Defense, Ivan Havryliuk, stated that the Unmanned Systems Forces would enable Ukraine to strike Russian targets at every possible depth, from battle formations to the Ural.

“We have a good chance of winning the war against Russia. We can achieve this victory thanks to your intelligence, perseverance, and what you do to protect the lives and health of our servicemen, increasingly involving robots and unmanned systems in carrying out combat missions in the air, on land, and at sea,” Havryliuk added.

Vadym Sukharevskyi, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, has been appointed as the Commander of the Unmanned Systems Forces. The introduction of this new structure is a response to the modern requirements of the battlefield.

“Today, we have shown the whole world that Ukraine has departed from a conservative approach. Today, we have set a precedent. In this way, we are ready to dictate the rules of this war for further successes,” said Sukharevskyi.

The new structure will be responsible for equipping units with aerial, ground, and marine drones, providing technical support, recruiting and training specialists, and planning military operations involving unmanned systems. It will also focus on gathering experience and interacting with drone manufacturers.

According to Sukharevskyi, the new branch will concentrate on cooperation with domestic drone manufacturers. He noted that the structure is already in contact with 90% of Ukrainian producers and actively communicates with them.

Since the beginning of the year, Ukraine has certified and begun using 10 ground robotic systems on the front lines. These platforms can carry weapons and help Ukrainian defenders fire from cover without exposing themselves to danger.

Additionally, Ukraine will complete testing of the unique unmanned underwater strike submarine Kronos this year in September. The invention will destroy remnants of the Russian fleet in the Black Sea.

Cover: Defense Ministry

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