Ukraine to run out of air defense systems missiles in 2 weeks, media says

March 18,2024 797
Ukraine to run out of air defense systems missiles in 2 weeks, media says

Ukraine may be left without air defense systems missiles in just two weeks. Supplies of anti-aircraft ammunition will be exhausted by the end of March, according to The Telegraph, citing unnamed sources.

That means that instead of trying to shoot down four out of five Russian missiles as it does now, Ukraine will soon have to ration its air defence systems to shooting down just one in five,” the journalists write.

The critical shortage of missiles for air defense systems will have a “significant effect on Ukraine’s urban centres,” said two Ukrainian officials on condition of anonymity.

Politicians in the US are locked in a fierce debate on whether to maintain military aid to Ukraine, which currently stands at around £31.3 billion. This week Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Prime Minister, said that Donald Trump, the presumed Republican candidate at this year’s US presidential election had told him that he would not give any more cash to Ukraine,” The Telegraph reports.

The news of the lack of ammunition comes against the backdrop of increased Russian attacks on Ukraine. On March 15, Russia attacked Odesa in the south of Ukraine, killing 20 people and injuring 73 civilians. The day before, the occupiers targeted Konotop in Sumy Oblast with missiles. On the night of March 18, Russian drones attacked the south of Ukraine.

Russian military officials claim to be aware of the ammunition shortage in Ukraine and have decided that it is time to strike, the publication writes. The occupiers continue to advance along the front line, overpowering Ukrainian forces.

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