[INSERT NAME and ADDRESS OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL or President or Prime Minister of your country]

Dear [insert name]:

Re: Please Stand With Ukraine

I kindly ask that you and our government stand with the people of Ukraine who want to live in peace and prosperity, free of Russia’s aggression.

Since invading Ukraine in 2014 and illegally occupying Crimea, Russia has waged a war of aggression in the east Ukrainian oblasts of Donetsk and Luhansk. This war has cost Ukraine over 14,000 dead, over 30,000 wounded and 1.5 million internally displaced people.

Russia is again threatening a further invasion of sovereign Ukrainian territory to re-establish its empire and protect Putin’s kleptocratic oppressive regime.

We must respond with unity and resolve to Russia’s increasing threats against Ukraine and other countries in the region. I call on you to support:

Providing Ukrainians with the necessary military and economic support to defend themselves.
Accelerating a NATO Membership Action Plan and EU membership for Ukraine.
Increasing sanctions on Russia to deter further aggression against Ukraine.
Stopping the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from becoming operational.
Ukraine needs us to act now to support Ukraine’s independence and prevent a further Russian invasion.

Yours sincerely,




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Russia’s war against Ukraine has resulted in over 14,000 deaths, a quarter of which are civilians, 30,000 wounded, and over 1.5 million internally displaced persons. This war is the longest military conflict in Europe since World War II, and its resolution will undoubtedly impact the future of peace in Europe.

It is the position of the UWC that the territorial integrity of Ukraine must be fully restored. This involves the de-occupation by the Russian Federation of Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts, and the establishment of peace and security on sovereign Ukrainian territory. Specifically, the UWC calls for:

UWC urges the international community toWith the goal of ending Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and restoring peace and security to sovereign Ukrainian territory, the UWC urges the international community to

Strengthen and further expand international sanctions against Russia until Russia de-occupies the sovereign Ukrainian territory of Crimea and parts of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts

Provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine to assist individuals, both military and civilian, directly affected by the war in rebuilding lives


Implement mechanisms to help counter the persistent flood of disinformation aimed at discrediting democratic values and principles


Stop the construction of the North Stream 2 pipeline

The withdrawal of all Russian troops, mercenaries, weapons and materiel from Ukrainian territory


Ukraine’s complete control of the Ukrainian side of the Ukraine-Russia border


The re-establishment of democratic institutions on currently occupied territories following a reasonable normalization period


Favourable conditions for the peaceful return to their homes of the displaced residents of the Donbas region


Russia assuming full responsibility for rebuilding war-torn Ukraine and paying reparations to all affected by their war against Ukraine


The expedited release of all political prisoners and hostages being unlawfully detained by the Russian Federation in Russia and on the occupied Ukrainian territories

Supporting Ukraine