International Educational Coordinating Council

Chair – Oksana Levytska

About the committee

The UWC International Educational Coordinating Council (IECC) aims to coordinate the educational process in the diaspora and works closely with educational institutions to further the development of Ukrainian education and nurture the Ukrainian national identity outside Ukraine. This involves unifying and engaging teachers, parents and other interested parties in the nurturing and education of self-identifying and creative generations of Ukrainians. The Council also supports education reform in Ukraine, specifically engaging in the enhancement of curriculum and organizing professional development for educators.

IECC priorities and goals:

Supporting Ukrainian education around the world

Engaging teachers, parents and other interested parties in the nurturing and education of self-identifying and creative generations of Ukrainians

Sharing information on education among educators, communicating with them about their successes and challenges, and creating professional communities

IECC current and future projects:

Professional development and training for teachers of Ukrainian schools in the diaspora

Professional development for teachers in Ukraine as part of support for educational reforms (Summer institutes)

Digitalization of educational materials and resources developed by educators in the diaspora

Developing the network of educators’ contacts among the existing and newly established schools in the diaspora

Cooperation with educational institutions (various levels) in Ukraine and the diaspora to develop teaching materials, provide support in methodology, and share best practices and teaching approaches for educators

Development of tests for accreditation of the Ukrainian language around the world

Teaching of the Ukrainian language at the universities around the world

The coordination and continuous work on successful projects and activities of IECC are planned to be achieved through the work in the following areas:

  • Ensure the continuous communication among schools and teachers in the diaspora where learning is conducted in the Ukrainian language
  • Create and share teaching materials on topics of high priority as identified by teachers in the diaspora
  • Introduce “two-vectorism” in relations between Ukraine and the diaspora
  • Create archival materials, collect data, compile and publish the history of IIEC


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