The vibrant and growing Ukrainian diaspora is an integral part of the global Ukrainian nation

The UWC coordinates a network of organizations and communities in more than 60 countries, and supports efforts to preserve the Ukrainian national identity.

Connected through the UWC, Ukrainians worldwide benefit from a wealth of experience and opportunities to learn, share and build their local communities. In turn, these communities become the voice and influence in the international community that protects the interests of each and every Ukrainian.

Understanding the value of people-to-people contact, the UWC connects the Ukrainian diaspora with Ukraine, both its government officials and civil society. These are the ties that will continue to strengthen the bond of one strong Ukrainian nation.

It is also a priority for the UWC to protect the interests of Ukrainians wherever they may live and to be vigilant of any violations of the Ukrainian peoples’ human and national rights and freedoms.

Strengthening Global Ukrainian Communities